Task two: The digital life – Netizens

Netizens is a compound term that combines the two words internet and citizen. There are three pictures on the task two showing many different age groups are busy on the phones. The phones are activity on the internet.

In picture A, it is a family, and they are sitting around the table for eating the food. But they are busy about the phones everyone is hold own phone and busy in it.

For example, I think the mother is checking the Sosial media and makes chat with her friends. Also, the father is showing the phone, maybe he is pay bills or checks the bank account.

Beside that the children also are busy in his phones, they are playing on lines game through the internet because the games become a way of fun for many kids now instead for physics exercises.

The internet on this picture explain how the family became after the internet come in our life.

It reduces family closeness because everyone in the family is connected to internet instead of spending time together talking or watching a movie.

On the picture B, it is showing friends sitting together, but they are do not make any physics activities together, they only sitting and holding the phones and follow up the social media and making friend ship through it such as fakebook, snapchat or Tok-tok. The ten aging became addiction with social media.