I am going to write about pros and cons concerning the digital revolution, focusing for the most part on social media.

There is no secret that social media is a big part of our everyday lives, but that does not mean everyone enjoys it the same amount. Every individual will have different experiences and opinions on whether social media is a good or bad thing.

I will be pointing out some positive and negative aspects from my personal experiences regarding social media, such as how social media affects our body image and self-esteem, if social media affects our mental health and if social media have made the world a better place.

How does social media affect our body image and self-esteem?
Does social media affect our mental health?
Has social media made the world a better place?

I believe I got my first phone when I was only ten years old, but I did not know about social media until I was thirteen.

I remember making a Facebook and Instagram account and how exciting it was.

I had no idea how to use it, but I just went along with it. As the years went by, I learnt more and more about how the media works.

To this day I use Instagram and Snapchat a great deal, I simply cannot imagine a day where I do not use it.

On social media, we see a lot of different things, many things we did not even imagine existed.

When I scroll through for example my Instagram, I see all these beautiful women and men, models for instance.

And of course, like anyone else I compare myself to these people. I think to myself: why do I not look like that? Why do I have wider hips, wider waist, bad skin, small butt?