In this text I will compare the work ethic of two men called John and Fred, and decide which of them I think deserves to get an apprenticeship at a company they both wish to work at. I will compare their attitudes, their work performances and their language. In the end of the text I will summarise what’s been said in the text and state my opinion on which of the men I would give the apprenticeship to.

Imagine a future without judgement. A future where everyone is allowed to be themselves, and there is nobody that stops you from expressing love. Expressing love for your partner, your culture, your religion, but most importantly, to yourself. Imagine a future where you are allowed to love yourself. Is this something we can ever accomplish?

In this text I’ll be discussing many of the challenges that people from minorities in English-speaking countries face.

Firstly, I will discuss societies perception of what “normal” is, and how that effects minorities. Secondly, I will discuss the struggle that children of immigrant’s face, when their parents’ culture contradicts the culture of the country they grew up in.

After that I’ll discuss the positive and negative effects of corporations focus on diversity. I will mostly come up with examples myself, but also from the preparational material and from movies we have seen in class. In the end of the text I will summarise what the text was about and state my opinion.

If you are in a minority in an English-speaking country, you may face many challenges, but first, what is a minority? Well, a minority can be so much, it isn’t just about ethnicity and your skin colour.

A minority can be anything from sexuality, gender, what language you speak, if you have a disability, ethnicity and so much more. So, it doesn’t always show from the outside that you are in a minority, but some people like too embrace that they are different and express for example their culture or sexuality in the way they dress and present themselves.

Society had made these rules of what is considered as “normal” and if you are outside that box, you might be viewed as lesser of a human. People are often quick to judge someone that looks different from what is “normal” to them, and that may result in judgemental looks and snarky comments, and in some cases even violence.

An example of this is the text “Time for love”, in the preparational material. That text is about a gay couple holding hands and kissing goodbye, and how hard and scary such a simple thing can be. It’s important that we try to break these rules and ridiculous standards that everyone should be the same, but it is also important that people stay safe.

The reality is that when people have so strong opinions about something, they may act strongly too, and even thought you may be friendly and just want to make a statement, not everyone else is the same. Even though this shouldn’t be a problem, it often is, and there is no getting around that.

He doesn’t realise that when he acts that way to a customer, it doesn’t only reflect bad on him as a person but also on the company.

The fact that he didn’t show regret or understood that this wasn’t right after the employee tried to explain it to him, shows that he is not well equipped to do this job.

If he had realised his mistake and tried to make up for it, it would have been a completely different situation, but he did not learn from the mistake. I definitely would think that he would do that again, if a similar situation was to occur.