From slavery to equal rights
Obama VS Trump

The Slave was brought to America from Africa. The slave trade triangle looked like this. As you can see raw material was transported from the USA to Europe

and Europe sent the textiles and equipment to Africa and Africa sent slaves to America so they could work on the fields.

The slaves who came from Africa were sold at markets in USA, families were often split up because they got different buyers.


When Obama was president he ruled in a way that people like. He is nice and caring man he helps the countries who needs it.

While Donald trump who is the president for the USA right now tries to rule opposite way. He takes down what Obama worked for.

But at the positive side Trump has created a lot of jobs and the American economy has been great.

Barrack Obama is married to Michelle Obama they have two kids. Obama was president for 8 years. In 2009 he won the Nobels Peace Price.

He was born on Hawaii. Obama was the first African present in the USA. Donald Trump won the election against Hillary Clinton, after telling that global warming is made up, and telling many other lies.

He also said he would build a wall at Mexico border. I think the only positive thing about him is that he can give many people jobs and money, and I think the American economy is going to me great as long as he is president.

Donald does try to do things the opposite way that Obama did because he want to show his differences and that he is just great.

In the start I think many people thought I tried to be president for fun, but now after he won we understand more that he has done quite a lot of work.