The Civil Rights Movement changed the American society extremely.

The civil rights movement was an organized effort by black Americans to end racial discrimination and gain equal rights under the law.

The modern America is still not “perfect”, but after all, which country is “perfect”?

If we compare to how people and more specifically the African Americans, used to get treated many years ago, to how they get treated these days, we will notice a great progress, as regards the human rights.

The question now is: In what way is The Civil Rights Movement important for the American society today?

However, The Civil Rights Movement didn’t just change the life of African Americans, but also the life of homosexuals, Latinos, us women and it changed the whole world in general.

Without this movement we wouldn’t have such a large and variety culture.

Regarding entertainment, music and food. For example, jazz, hip hop, R&B etc are types of music that were created, produced and inspired by black people.

After this movement, black people are now able to vote. They have the right to government services just like Barack Obama became the president of USA.

The fact that Barack Obama was the first African American to be elected as the USAs president was something that many people thought would never happen.

Finally, they have the right to public education and the right to use public facilities. The life of many people changed for the better because of The Civil Rights Movement.

To my understanding, of course has had the Civil Rights Movement a huge positive impact on the modern America, and the whole world but we still have not reached the needed goal.

There is still place for improvements. Today's society should stop judging womanhood... Today's society should stop differentiating between males and females...

Humans should stop discriminating others because of their ethnicity, their skin colour, their personal choices...

Humans should stop judging others so critically. We are all humans and we are having equal right to lead our lives according to our will... We humans, all together, must improve today's society for the better.