Annie | Analyse | Thomas Meehan

Annie is a book written by Thomas Meehan in 1932.

The story of Annie takes place in America, around Christmas times in 1933. Annie lives in an orphanage in New York. Mrs. Hannigan, the terrible owner of the orphanage, is an old woman who hates children despite owing the orphanage but loves alcohol.

Everyone who refuses to follow her orders will get punished. One day Grace Farrell visits the orphanage because she wants to adopt a girl, they can spoil for two weeks to spend Christmas with her and Mr. Warbucks so he can get good PR with the public.

- Annie:
- Mr. Warbucks:
- Appreciation
- Loneliness

Mr. Warbucks:

Mr. Warbucks is one of the more demonic characters in the novel. When we first meet him at the beginning of the novel, he seemed like a very angry, stubborn and lonely man.

The only reason he wanted to adopt a child in the first place was so that he could get good PR from the newspapers and radios. Mr. Warbucks care what the public thinks of him, but despite this, he is not the kindest man to his employees.

But when he meets Annie, he gets softer and it seemed like he got an “inspiration” to try to be happier, and appreciate what he got instead of being angry all the time. After they spend some time together, I think he realizes that he can´t keep living like he has nothing to smile for.

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