About ten thousand years ago we developed the ability to grow our own food. Humans had earlier lived in hunting-gathering societies, typically the men would hunt and fish, while women would gather berries, vegetables and nuts .

Farming increased the yield of food plants and allowed people to have food available year round and animals were domesticated to provide meat.

With agriculture people could settle down, and they no longer needed to carry all their belongings .

Agriculture was the key development in the rise of human sedentary civilisation and substantial to our human population growth.

By definition agriculture is the the cultivation and breeding of animals, plant and fungi for food, fiber, biofuel, medicinal plants and other product used to sustain and enhance human life .

My thesis statement is that agriculture is the main cause to our global sustainability challenge. There is no doubt that humans are polluting the earth, we are causing global warming, natural disasters, species extinction and so on.

Certainly, it is also easier to pollute now than ten thousand years ago, we have experienced the industrial revolution (1760-1820/1840) and with our new technology and our high level of consumption per capita we are destroying earth.

I believe agriculture is our biggest concern, and is not sustainable in many areas, I will focus on the consequences of agriculture in these three following areas: pollution, water consumption and rainforest deforestation.

Furthermore, agriculture is the leading cause of rainforest deforestation and severe forest degradation.

The rainforest is one of the most vulnerable ecosystems and is being destroyed at a rapid rate of an acre per second, which is essentially an entire football field every 20 seconds .

Agriculture is responsible for 91% of the Brazilian rainforest deforestation and over 70% of all rainforest deforestation worldwide, to graze animals and to grow their feed crops .

Agriculture have caused tremendous deforestation, and is responsible for approximately 136 million acres having been cleared .

Continuing agribusiness can have dangerous consequences on earth. Researchers and scientists believe the rainforest could be gone by 100 years , looking at numbers that do not seem impossible as we have already cleared over 20% of the rainforest worldwide .

This is truly alarming as trees provide us with oxygen, medicine, food and water.