In Today’s society, we stand above different nature and environment challenges that never have been bigger than now.

These environmental challenges arise due to various climate changes that we humans inflict in different ways. some of the things are: not having a sustainable development, pollution and litter, global warming and much more.

The environment challenge I will face is global warming, global warming is a known conception that many people often does not quite know what it means or
how much it affects our society and puts us in big risks for major consequences that create many problems for living and non-living factors. It’s not just us, people around the world with bad conditions are striving, and most of them are children. This is how much a challenge can affect us.

What is global warming:
Greta Thunberg
The Consequences

Consequences arise if we don’t try to achieve different solutions by such a high increase in temperature, this will account for dramatic changes in the climate, animal and plant life in all countries and seas.

Among other things, the ocean where there are many species of animals and plants in different ecosystems will rise by almost 20 cm over the next years,

it then causes glaciers will melt the reason for temperature rise, this can further evolve into flooding see in the big areas as the Maldives and Bangladesh.

Not only will there be more than billions of animals and plants of different species that are affected, this causes species to die out and to have new habitats such as Polar bears are exterminated, and this will then have a major impact on the population.

Another consequence is that the multipart of society like Africa will experience the loss of farmland to plants and food for beans because the temperature rise creates drought and heat waves.

this results in malnutrition due to less food production that largely gives a negative influence on the health due to lack of food that leads to lack of energy that is given through nutrients such as fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

As well as by extreme weather such as flooding, and hot waves, disease will spread due to more changes in ecosystem and society, by more and more rainfall and water it will increase the chances of getting waterborne diseases that are infections.