A diverse country creates the best doctors

Task 1A:
I have decided to look at cartoon A and B from Text 6 of the preparation material. The importance of an official language and respect for other cultures are the main aspects I will explain and discuss.

In cartoon A, a man asks a group of people if they are in favor of making English the official language in the United States. The answer was unanimous, yes. The United States has always been a multicultural society.

Multiculturalism is based on the assumption that several groups of people with different ancestry can respect each other’s values and coexist.

Cartoon A describes multiculturalism. Even though the policy, multiculturalism, is not clearly established at the federal level the different cultures respect each other’s values.

I believe the United States is an ideal society to live in. The multicultural society respects people’ different cultures and wants to bring the country together.

The United States does not have an official language, but as you can see in cartoon A the population wants the lingua franca, English, to be the official language.

I believe that the people living in America have a unique respect of others. I am also convinced that an official language will bring the people living in the United States together


Task 2B:
Doctors bear an important responsibility. For that reason, I have decided to study medicine, become a doctor and more specifically and anesthesiologist.

Injured and sick people will come and put their lives in my hands, so the importance of health and safety rules in order to give the patients the best possible treatments are important.

Diversity can interfere with the safety in a hospital. Variations of genders, races and cultures in a workplace can affect the environment both positively and negatively, it all depends on how one decides to deal with it.

As a future doctor, I bear an important responsibility. Injured and sick people will come and put their lives in my hands. An anesthesiologist’s job is to treat patients in acute situations.

A normal task can be to stabilize and treat a person after an accident, give painkillers during a birth, prevent organ failure or put someone in anesthesia. These are all important procedures which distinguisher life from death.