Task 1 A

In the song “F**kin’ Perfect” which was released on her 2010 album, Pink comes forward with an important message.

Body image is one of the most discussed challenges among us humans.

The concept of having the ideal body has increased throughout the past years resulting in a youth that is highly dissatisfied with their own bodies and behavior because their body differs from one’s perceived ideal body image.

Negative self-talk and hatred upon ourselves are the most common reasons for mental illnesses and dissatisfaction of our own bodies.

“You’re so mean when you talk about yourself, you are wrong”, by Pink, describes this perfectly complicated situation of the mind making us only see our flaws. (Preparation material, text 1)

Humans are affected by their surroundings, on the one hand you have social media and influencers, and on the other hand you have your family, your friends and yourself.

Pink did the right call when she released her song, singing about being good enough or even perfect even if we all have flaws or makes the wrong calls.