Bullying is unwanted behavior performed over time and includes hurtful actions against people of all ages – either mentally or physically, or both. Bullying either takes place on the internet, cyberbullying or in reality.

Throughout the years there has been an average bullying rate over 40% among children in grade 4-12 and around 30% among adults.

The suicide rate has increased as much as 50% among children and 30% among adults as a result of bullying and harassment. (

Bullying is a problem around the world. It happens to young children every day.

Children so young they don’t know how to defend themselves, but the main problem is not bullying itself. It is what we can do about it, which the society choose not to do.

Yeah, we have anti-bullying, we have campaigns about the consequences and we have rules against it, but what does that help if the ones getting bullied is not taken seriously? It does not.