The most common crime in the world is theft. Millions of thefts are reported every year, but theft is only one of extremely many crimes.

There are very many different ways of being a criminal.

However, why do some people become criminals? First, we need to know what a criminal is.

The easy definition is someone who breaks the law. More than ten million people over the whole world are imprisoned (Wamsley, 2015).

Although the real, exact number of criminals is impossible to find. Many criminals are not caught, and big amounts of crimes are not even reported to the police.

Children who grow up in families filled with crime, violence, and substance abuse are often more likely to end up like criminals themselves.

These children have worse starting points than kids who grow up in normal families.

They also often have fewer opportunities, which makes it harder to get out of criminality.

It is hard to make good decisions when you have been told your whole life that crime is okay.

Children who are exposed to violence, sexual abuse from their parents or other adults has a higher risk of doing crime themselves.


Most people have done a misdemeanor or another crime in their life.

If we count everybody who has done something that violates the law, the number will be very high.

It is illegal to not stop at stop signs, and drink alcohol in public.

Humans make mistakes and one cannot look at everybody who has broken the law in their lifetime like criminals.

A typical tough of misdemeanors is “ohh it doesn't matter”. Especially if it is about victimless violations of the law.

A large number of human beings may think that if it does not affect others, it is not a big problem.


The research question why do some people become criminals have been answered with very many different reasons.

In many cases, it may be a combination of several reasons. The reasons will also be affected by where in the world one are.

For example, poverty is probably a bigger reason for crime in the US than in Norway, because Norway has good welfare systems who take care of unemployed.

Especially poverty and childhood are the biggest causes of crime.


Crime is every violation of the law and covers everything from not paying tax to mass murder and terrorism.

The group who does most crime is young men, from their teens to their twenties. Crime is a big problem for the human society, and it destroys many lives.

The reasons for crime are many. Poverty, egoism, risk, curiosity, and childhood are important factors of why someone chooses to become criminals.

There will often be more than one reason for crime, but rather a combination of several reasons. There will also depend on where you are and which country you are in.

For example, it will be very hard to be poor in many countries, but rich countries may have good welfare systems who take care of the poor.