Throughout history a lot of people have made big differences by expressing their opinions. The most outstanding ones are known all over the world today. They have started movements which have changed whole communities drastically.

However, did the individuals themselves have any power at all? Were they the ones who changed the community?

First, the freedom fighters of recent history had a great impact on the society they lived in. Not only did they change the society while they were alive, they made permanent changes.

We often hear about people who start movements to change the world for the better, however who are these freedom fighters? People like Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi are some of the individuals who have had a great impact on their communities by expressing their beliefs.

Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and Steve Biko amongst others did also fight courageously for freedom. They changed their communities for the better.

Today, we can see the results of their battles and their wise, encouraging words will never be forgotten.

People are human beings, produced by the society in which they live. You encourage people by seeing good in them.

Secondly, the freedom movements were products of both individuals who had an idea and the community that supported it.