Tupac Amaru Shakur's life story is retold in the book "Tupac: Resurrection," which is based on the documentary film of the same name.

While it's labeled as an autobiography, it reads more like a biography, featuring the late rapper's own words woven together to tell his story.

Every word you'll read in this book is an authentic quote from Tupac, allowing readers to delve into his life and understand his experiences from his own perspective.

In the back of Tupac: Resurrection lies a message from Afeni Shakur, expressing her sentiments towards the book.

According to Afeni, Tupac had a strong love for books and enjoyed discussing them just as much.

When the idea of a documentary about Tupac's life first arose, it was clear that Tupac should be the one to narrate his own story through film.

However, the notion of creating a book alongside the film quickly emerged. It seemed as if Tupac's spirit was reminding them that he wanted to tell his own story, not just through film, but also through print.

In search of a publisher who would preserve the project's vision, Ms. Karolyn Ali of Amaru reached out to Judith Curr, who had previously published Tupac's The Rose That Grew from Concrete.

With Judith's unwavering faith in the project, the team was revitalized and the book became a natural and necessary extension of the documentary.