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To be lost on an island-_-
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I chose this person because of her poem. I recognize myself pretty well. I love to travel around the world and explore things. When I travel, I am happy.

What I like most about traveling is that I can get to know places that I'm not that familiar with from before. I love exploring places.

What I also like about traveling is that I can meet people and get to know them. "To travel, to wander, to calmly explore; what curious person could want for more?" It's like me in a box. When I get a chance, I'll take it.

When I travel, I feel free. I can learn a lot from others of all ages, I get to know new cultures, try out new activities for the people who live there and taste new food.

I am very interested in music and want to learn more about their music and what instruments they use. From the poem "Travelling"

we see that Emily emphasizes opportunities. That's also my motto. I will not go around bored, but seek for joy, knowledge and freedom.


I am sitting on a half full plane to Paraguay, but suddenly the pilot gets a heart attack. We are about 200 passengers on the hot plane.

The people are in a good mood, and we chill until we get the message about the pilot. What really happens in a few seconds? The whole cabin turns into a scene in a horror movie.

I smell fear, people are screaming and running around in the cabin. We get really panick__ and must find the parachutes and jump out. Everything is really chaotic.

The plane heads towards the ground and it gets dark. The crew tell us to put on our parachutes. It is hard to get it on when people are bumping into you all the time. Finally, I get it on, I close my eyes and jump.

When I open my eyes, I see lots of green trees and I land on an island which is more than big enough for me. I start sweating the air is humid and hot.

It’s really quiet it could be my clots in my ear from the plane. “Where am I? It must be in the rainforest somewhere. Curious monkeys are staring at me. When I look around more closely

I see many plants that we don’t have in Norway. I like all the different colors. “How am I going to survive?” There are no other people here. Where can I find something to eat? How do I light a fire without matches?

The first thing I do is to make myself a place and sleep overnight, because I don't know how long I'm going to be here. Now that I've built my little cabin, I'll go to sleep.