1. Describe Starr’s home life.

2. How is her life at school different?

3. Quite early in the film, there is a scene where Starr’s father teaches his children how to act if they are stopped by a police officer. What does him tell them to do?

4. Explain in your own words what happens when Starr and Kahlil leave the party together.

5. At the police station, Starr gives a detailed explanation of what happened before the shooting, but then the detective shifts her focus to Kahlil’s past. Why do you think she does this, and how does Starr react?

6. Why does Starr need to keep her identity as a witness a secret?

7. How do Starr’s parents react when she brings her boyfriend home?

8. What or who makes Starr change her mind about being interviewed and testifying in the court hearing?

9. How do people in Starr’s neighbourhood react when the jury does not indict the police officer who shot Kahlil?

10. Starr becomes increasingly active and takes on a different role. What does she do and why? Who tries to stop her?

11. How does Starr’s little brother, Sekani, suddenly change the course of events when they are threatened by King, the gang leader?

12. In the final scene, Starr makes a promise. What is it?

Write a few sentences about the poem. And how it is relevant to the characters in the movie.

The father, Maverick, gives the kids a program they are going to follow.

The program has eight points. Some of the most important of those were to not argue with the police officer and make sure he or she can always see your hands.

Also make sure to tell them everything you are doing so they now you’re reaching for your wallet and not a gun.


Starr got to the party with her brother’s half-sister. It was a party with the black’s. They eventually get apart from each other and Starr ends up alone.

Until Kahlil arrives at the party. They end up talking, when suddenly a fight appears and gunshots were made.

Then they had to get out of there before the police showed up. Kahlil had his own car and offered to drive Starr safely home.