The United States of America, the land of the free, the land of opportunity, Uncle Sam. These are all different ways we perceive the “greatest nation in the world”.

And for a long time, we have had this incredible image of the US being so spectacular and out of this world, but that image is now starting to slowly fade away.

A failing health care system, a ruthless and inhumane prison system, and a lack of high-quality public schools are some of the reasons why many countries around the world today, are finding themselves ahead of the US in many different areas.

Also, raw and unprofessional political behavior has hurt the global opinion of the country, turning American stereotypes into reality, but I believe a countries greatness is only measured in how pleased its citizens are with the government.

That is why I believe the best way the US can completely reform and revolutionize their country in a positive way is by aiming for reasonable policies that focus on physical and psychological health.

On the other hand, indirectly, but critically linked to the health care system, is the prison system. American prisons have for a long time been notorious for their rough and merciless culture.

Often labeled inhumane and barbaric, American courts have been known to give some of the harshest punishments in the so-called civilized world; with many states still practicing capital punishment, also known as the death penalty.

America has one of the world’s highest rates of repeat-offenders, most of them being young, African American males.

To prevent this, it has been validated by multiple countries, for example, Norway, that focusing on the inmates´ well-being, mental health and striving to help them instead of punishing them, culminates in a much greater result.

There should be a mandatory rehabilitation program in every single American prison, to ensure that the people who require either physical or psychological help, receive whatever help they might need and deserve.

No one is beyond saving, they simply need help. Additionally, one of the best measures to ensure a better prison system is one the US has struggled with for quite some time, education.