The current state of multiculturism | Engelsk

Currently as I am writing this, there are thousands of immigrants flooding into every country in Europe. Europeans fear relationship to ethnically and religiously diverse minority populations, and particularly Muslim immigrants.

This is because how bad they are framed in the media. And of course, because of the 9/11 attack in the US, this have been leading to rising Islamophobia in Europe.

Multiculturism is not only an issue in Europe but also in the US, Canada and Australia. The challenges these countries went through and continue to go through are the same challenges experienced in Europe.

Immigrants from all parts of the world have the same goal to find jobs, study and be with their loved ones and provide for the families.

Today there is an increase in the number of immigrants flooding into Europe and it has been for the last couple years. But what is exactly the current state of multiculturism in Europe and UK? It is not easy for new immigrants to settle down in a new country.

Many people that move from their home country are just looking for a better life, and they have no choice but to move. They are forced to fled, because of war and poverty. And it is not easy for them at all settling down in a new country, with different cultures and a whole new language.

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