The US rank 37th on the report that grades nation’s health care all over the world. This is a misleading ranking, for both Americans and non-Americans, since everyone is used to the fact that USA occupies the leading places in almost everything (The Wire, 2009).

The filmmaker and political activist Michael Moore made a comparative analysis of some of the health care insurance systems in the world, in his documentary film SICKO.

But can we really trust Michael Moore’s arguments, and why is the American health care system so controversial? These are the questions to be answered.

“The Americans think that what happens in USA, stays in USA”, said Bill Taliaferro, the diplomat from the US embassy.

Everyone knows that Americans have their own way of thinking, their own systems and laws, and that they always have been proud of their achievements, sometimes criticizing ideas from the Eastern world.

The point is that Americans fear a welfare system, because they think that introducing such a health reform is the same as introducing socialism in the US.

The social healthcare system for Americans means low quality, misery, long queues and no private life.

That’s because the politicians and the leaders of the insurance companies in USA put a bad “stamp” on all the other systems in the world, so that they would get their money. Without a private system these directors would have lower salaries.

So the average Americans grew up with these set of ideas that make them reject anything new.

Another example of the enclosure in the US is the economic crisis (Bill Taliaferro).

Americans believe that they were and still are the only ones affected by this crisis, unlike the other countries in the world, which we know is not true.

Of course the health system is not entirely to blame. The American healthcare has deep roots in the American culture, ideals and values.

Values like individualism are highly regarded, where the Americans believe that every person should be able to take care of themselves.

They believe that through hard work and without help, you can accomplish all your dreams.