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1B: Choosing the right employee.
2A: Equal effort, equal change.

Making the decision of whom to give an apprenticeship to can be hard. Based on the conversations provided and how the two employees are represented in them, I will present my decision with reasoning, to why I would choose one employee over the other.

In terms of language, Fred was much more enthusiastic and politer than John. In the very beginning of the text the employer tried to initiate a conversation about the previous weekend. Fred answered the question and asked a question back, whilst John mumbled, leaving the employer to lead to conversation single handily.

This showed that John lacks communication skills. Further on, when discussing the lady’s complaint, John got very defensive and used words like “bullshit”, which is considered unprofessional.

When Fred was being faced with the same problem, which he was already aware of, he simply apologised and listened to the concerns that the employer had and showed understanding by being humble, dealing well with criticism. Fred had a very self-aware attitude as he knew he could’ve done a better job and had therefore already solved the problem by consulting the lady.


Conversations provided in the Exam paper, page 5.
Text 2:
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Text 3:
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Text 4:
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