What is the reason behind all the mass-shootings in the US? The reason why people lose their family, their loved ones and the trust they have in others? Why does this happen, and what is being done to prevent these heinous acts?

School shooting is a big problem today, and there have been at least 288 school shootings in the United states since 2009.

Because the shootings continue to happen, the state provides and suggests new ways to stop the crimes, but what is the right way to stop the acts from happening, and why have they not concluded for the problem yet?

Buying a gun in the US is easy. You mostly do not need anything more than a background check and being over the age of 18 or 21.

It is also allowed to buy guns for people under the age of 18. Therefore, owning a gun in the US, is not unusual.

Having the ability to get your hands on something so dangerous, without being capable of handling it right, can lead to bad accidents.

If you look at the statistics of school shootings around the world, and how to gun a gun in different countries, you would think that the US have their outstanding numbers of shootings, because of their laws on buying guns. Like Japan for example.

If you want to buy a gun in Japan you will have to attend an all-day class, pass a written test, have 95% accuracy on a shooting range, pass a mental health evaluation, pass a background check and you can only buy shotguns and air rifles, no hand guns, and you have to re-new this every three years.

You would think by this, that if the US wanted to do something about the mass-shooting number, they would make their rules for buying guns stricter, but is that the solution?

The US have come up with different ideas, like having teachers carrying guns, and students wearing clear backpacks. The last being done in Florida after the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High.

Which is what has been causing disagreement. People cannot seem to agree on which are the right steps to stop the shootings. This is what started all the controversy.