Two nations, same values

As most of us know, Norway and the United States of America are two totally different nations in almost every way, but is it possible for them to share some of the same values? There may be many different ways to answer this, but in this text.

I will take a look at the following three values; materialism, time and equality. I believe these three values stand strong in both of the nations and will therefore compare how they’re being practiced in the countries. In addition to this, the text will also include a short description of the two nations.

The United States of America is a massive and powerful nation placed in north America with a very variated landscape. Traditionally, the country has been an advocate for democracy and human rights. Its ruled through democracy and has self-proclaimed themselves the role as world police (FN-Sambandet, 2019).

Norway on the other hand, is a small country located north in Europe blessed with natural wonders such as the northern lights and the midnight sun (Visit Norway, å).

The country is governed by a democracy and is considered to be one of the most developed democracies in the world (Study in Norway,å) and the nation can refer to an incredible low crime rate and a healthy population.

Despite the countries being far away from each other, the countries have a lot in common when it comes to consumption patterns.