“Shawshank Redemption” og «Amerikan Values» | Engelsk Oppgave

Literary terms in “Shawshank Redemption”
Main characters
The warden:
Values in the movie:
Turning point:

Text about “American values” and the questions to the text
American values:
- Freedom
- Equality
- Democracy
- Justice
- Friendliness
- Faith

1) Are these values uniquely American, or do they apply to other countries as well?
2) How do you view America? How does the Norwegian media present Americans?
3) What are some typical Norwegian values?
4) What are the values you find important? Why?
5) Where does your values come from?
Consider the similarities and differences between Norwegian and American values?

Every country has values. Some of the values are in several countries. In Norway, we have Janteloven, justice, freedom, equality, democracy and we follow the constitution. America has most of these values, but they also have for example friendliness, faith and hospitality.

In Norway, we don’t invite strangers in to or home, every child does not think they are going to be for example the king, and it’s harder to make friends. We won’t be friends with everyone. Most of the friends they make in America are not friends they have the entire life. They will lose contact with most of them. It’s not like this in Norway.

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