The use of conflict in stories | 6 i karakter

The use of conflict in stories is one of the only constants about any story. Whether the conflict be internal or external, it is always present in a good story.

You might read a text about a mountain climber, and the only thing he does in the text is climb this mountain.

One might not see any concrete conflict here, but what if I told you the mountain climb itself is the external conflict and whether or not he is able to climb it is his internal conflict. Like this, conflict can be found in any story.

This movie, like any great story is filled with conflicts. There is external conflict between these two FBI agents and the people they investigate.

This type of conflict is what fills up the movie theatre so to speak. This type of conflict is much easier to understand and follow along with, you usually get a lot of pure fun in seeing a “chase” scene for example.

Internal conflict on the other hand is largely more interesting to me. Internal conflict can often be easy to miss when you watch a movie or read a book, but when you start actually looking for it and thinking about it, it allows us to relate to the characters on a much greater extent than we would if there was just external conflict.

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