Some may claim that multiculturalism simply is about people travelling across borders or even settling down in a whole new country, whereas others may argue that there are so much more to be said about the meaning of the concept of multiculturalism.

Never the less multiculturalism certainly has become a hotly debated issue in quite a few parts of the world lately.

I will in this essay make an attempt to explain the actual meaning of the concept of multiculturalism, and why most people seem to be interested in and have an opinion about this issue.

I will also explain my attitude to multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism isn’t a new concept, seeing as people through hundreds or even thousands of years have immigrated to distant countries bringing a part of their own culture with them.

Never the less the amount of immigrates has increased to an extremely high level through the last 50 years, causing more and more countries to become highly multicultural.

There are certain challenges of cultural variety, which is what has caused multiculturalism to suddenly become such a hotly debated issue.

Not only is the cultural variety a challenge when it comes to lack of understanding of different traditions, assumptions, values, expectations, feelings and ideas , there are often also communication problems connected to language.

An obvious example of communication problems caused by cultural variety is of course not speaking or understanding the same language.

A bigger challenge however can actually be speaking the same language - but because of cultural differences interpreting messages differently.

This is obviously a huge problem, because the consequences of such misunderstandings in worst case scenario can be quite serious.

If such a misunderstanding for example takes place in a hospital while two doctors from different parts of the world communicate during surgery, the consequences may actually be fatal.

This is one of many examples showing the difficulties of cultural variety.

Considering the fact these challenges affect the lives of the inhabitants of the country it is natural that quite a few people in many parts of the world take an interest in the matter.

I would claim that people take an interest in the matter and therefore debate it because they realize that the multiculturalism actually affect their lives through causing trouble, constantly changing their language and also traditions.