Sure You Can Ask Me a Personal Question

Task 1B:

The poem «Sure You Can Ask Me a Personal Question” is about a Native American exchanging an awkward conversation with another person.

The poem is one sided and written from the Native American’s point of view. When you read the poem, you will notice that it is full of offensive assumptions, stereotypes and, even awkwardness.

The author makes the character have a distinct voice which makes some of the lines come of as rude, something that creates intentional awkwardness.

It comes out clear that the Native American is tired assumptions and of being racially profiled. “No not from India, (…) Yes Indian.”

Task 2C – How different is racism today than what it used to?

Throughout the years there have been many different freedom fighters from all over the world. These freedom fighters have helped pave the way for minorities and helped fight social issues.

In English-speaking countries such as The United States there have been numerous fights for equality throughout the decades.

Freedom fighter and activist Martin Luther King Jr grew to popularity with his speech, “I have a dream” in 1963 and is one of the most recognized freedom fighters today.

His speech was delivered in 1963, before many of us were even born, and aspects of the speech are still relevant today.

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