Task 1

Language, content and audience for the two texts

The first text FLEETWOOD MAC ANNOUNCE EUROPEAN TOUR is written in a more formal English way and it follows standard spelling and grammar. This text is also written in a quite serious and in-formative way.

The text is announcing that the Grammy-award winning band Fleetwood Mac are going to have a European tour and it informs you about where the band are going and when you can get your tickets.

The text also gives you a short introduction of the band and the members Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Steve Nicks and Christine McVie along with the newcomers Mike Campbell and Neil Finn.

Task 2C
How will modern technology shape the future?

Ever since the industrial revolution of the 19th century, there has been a tremendous technological development and only back in the 20th century was internet new to most people.

My grandfather told me when I was at the age of 7, “There is no limit for what a human being can achieve with just one idea and unlimited tools”, and 10 years later the technological development has not proved him wrong.

A good example which marks the start of the technological development is the occurrence that shocked the whole world in the year 1969, when Neil Armstrong as the first ever human on the moon took his first steps.

“That’s one small step for a man, but one giant leap for mankind”, Neil asserts as he put his feet down on the moon.

In other words, the result of the moon landing was revolutionary in terms of technological developments and this became the major breakthrough in the technological development.

Back at that time, there was excitement between two superpowers which made it possible to send a human to the moon.

What is it that drives technological development ahead today? How will modern technology affect us in the future?

How will technology improve, or control people’s lives in the future? Only imagination can set limits for what the future can bring, and if there is one thing that technological development has shown us, is it that the imagination has a dreadful habit of becoming a reality.

Can you imagine the crazy experience of having a view over the earth you otherwise have your little feet planted, while looking at the bright stars and having the fascinating feeling of soaring in the socalled zero gravity?

Imagine just that thought. I cannot be the only one having the dream of experiencing space travel? Perhaps technological developments can completely change humans lives on our planet and lead us to places outside the earth?

It is already possible for us to find our way out to space and travel to other satellites like the moon, and maybe the future will make it possible for us to meet other civilizations?

From year 1969 to 1972 there were a myriad of American moon landings that marked the peak in space exploration.