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Do we actually need guns to stay safe in USA? Gun Control in USA is a controversial topic that Americans never seem to come to an agreement with.

Still to this day it´s one of the most discussed issues in USA, but is there a simple answer to it? In the year 1934, American congress passed the National Firearms act (NFA).

This was the country´s first major federal gun control legalization. This was challenged in supreme court already within five years of its passing.

Though it can be argued why it´s a positive thing to own a gun. Most black people are victims of homicide by gun in the US, and this mostly in the black communities.

So, is it dangerous for families outside the black communities to own a gun in their home for protection?

The US has a very big population, so it is obvious that they are going to have a higher crime rate than some of the countries it has been compared to take Norway as an example.

In some instances, I do think it would be necessary for someone living in the US to own a gun.

Even if gun control was put in place in the US people would still commit crimes at a higher rate than many other countries with lower population, so the fact that they have a way to protect themselves and their families is a positive.

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