Freedom fighter | Engelsk oppgave

For the part years people have fought for many different things, like civil rights, equality, women’s rights and black people’s rights.

Some popular freedom fighters are Nelson Mandela, Martin Luthor King and Mahatma Gandhi.

These three people fought for their rights. In this text I am going to talk about how a civil right movement would look like in 2020 and which causes they would fight for.

Equality is a topic that is weary much spoken about in 2020. Many people don’t have the same rights as others, and this is not acceptable.

Equality has been a problem for a weary long time and is still a problem today. We have some freedom fighters today, like Malala Yousufzai that are fighting for equality.

Malala Yousufzai is especially fighting for women’s right to go to school and get the job they want. Martin Luthor King was a freedom fighter too that fought for equality.

He fought for black people’s rights, and he showed the world that there is no difference in black and white people by marching in a nonviolence way.

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