Drink water | it’s good for you!

How many of us actually choose a glass of water at restaurants, when you get to choose from so many other amazing drinks. Let’s be real, not very many.

But water is actually extremely important for your body. Drinking water gives us so many positive effects such as flushing waste from your body.

When you don’t drink enough, you will get dehydrated. Dehydration will give you bad effects such as headaches and sleepiness. It is very common to hear that water is important to drink regularly. But why should you?

Another thing water is very helpful for is losing weight. Some studies have shown that people who increase their water intake while on a diet, loose more weight than those who kept to their normal water intake.

Drinking water more often, delays the feeling of hunger. Water fills our stomach which makes the feeling of hunger go away without any calorie intake.

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