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We can start with what a blood donor actually is…
A blood donor is someone who voluntarily draws blood to have it transferred to those who need it for a medical reason. It can be compared to an organ donor, which is a person who is willing to give one of their organs to someone who needs it when they die.

Except you can be alive and still give blood. It is easy to become a blood donor in Norway, and you can do it in a few different ways, you can sign up as a blood donor at one of the blood banks we have in Norway or at the donor sites. You can also sign up as a blood donor at the website or

We can start with what a blood donor actually is…
Who can and who can`t give blood?

If you are between 18 and 65 years old, are completely healthy, weigh above 50kg, and don`t have a risk of getting HIV, hepatitis or other illnesses that can be transferred with blood. You can give blood.

You can`t give blood if you are chronically ill or have had cancer, use fixed medication or if you have a risk of getting, HIV or hepatitis.

An example is prostitutes, people who have an addiction to needles or men who have had sex with men.

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