We meet challenges every day in our life, some are small, and some are big. But they all have something I common and that is that they can be solved.

Your whole life is about challenges. Choices you make every day like what you’re going to eat to dinner, doing math homework or trying to get a new job is a challenge.

But people have different kind of challenges, for some people is getting out of bed in the morning a big challenge.

I am still young and I haven’t had my biggest challenges yet like choosing what I want to be when I get older or where I want to live, but right now I think my biggest challenges is my shyness.

I love being social around people I know well but talking to many people I don’t know is a challenge for me.

To set goals can be a good way to face your challenges.

Some challenges will not completely go away but you can learn to live with them by setting goals in your everyday life.

Like everybody has different challenges in life, has everybody different goals in life too.

Some has a goal to be rich and famous and someone else can have a goal to just wake up every day.

We all have goals to stay motivated or to be a better version of ourselves. Some may say that the only reason to live is to set yourself goals.

A challenge I often do when I make goals is that I for example make a goal to exercise 4 times a week and then I maybe do that for three weeks then I stop working out. I think that is a common thing to do.