I didn’t quite understand what we was supposed to write, however I hope this description of the place fits what you expected.

Camp green lake turned into a juvenile antisocial detention camp which had once been a city, positioned near Green Lake, a herbal tidal lake in Calhoun County of Texas.

An overall description of the place:
As a town:
As a camp:

An overall description of the place:
The lake had once been metropolis, but now it's a juvenile antisocial detention camp. The camp is run by means of the circle of relatives that owned the metropolis.

There had been a lake at Camp Green Lake. However, that lake dried up lengthy ago. At this establishment, juveniles are positioned to paintings digging a five foot deep via five ft in diameter hole.

The Warden claims that it will help them build character. However, the actual purpose at the back of her doing this changed into to have the campers dig to try and find the vicinity of the loot hidden inside the desert through Kissin' Kate Barlow (Katherine Barlow).

As a town:
When Camp Green Lake turned into a metropolis, it turned into known handiest as Green Lake.

It had been a lake where there is most effective desert now. The town placed subsequent to the lake became a prosperous small town.

The lake become owned by way of the Walkers. There was most effective one school house within the town.

The trainer of the college turned into Katherine Barlow, who grew delicious peaches which she regularly traded for services.

She and the onion salesman Sam who often traded with every other. One day, even as it was raining, Sam came to her school house to offer her a few onions.

He observed a leaky roof and stated he'd fix it for her for a few peaches. Kate began to fall in love with Sam the more he was around.

So she kept locating matters to have Sam fix round the faculty house. The two fell in love, and someday while Sam become comforting Kate, they kissed.