To begin with I am going to make a short summary of the film Bend it like Beckham. I will be including what I think was the most important things that happened in the film, and what I think is the strongest scene.

Moving on I will be discussing women`s football in my home country, also if I think there are any sports that are not suitable for women- or men.

Continuing I am going to give a few examples of ways in which Jess breaks with the expected behaviour of women in society. In the end I will give my own opinions on the film.

One of the most important scenes in the film must be near the end, during the final football match. This was also the climax of the film.

After a lot of struggling Jess finally convinced her dad to give her permission to leave her sister`s wedding, to play the match. “If this is the only way I am going to see you smiling on your sister`s wedding day, then go”, he said.

This match was also quite important to Jess because an American scout was there to watch them. In this scene the viewers were also given a symbol – jess gets tackled on the field, which gives her a free kick.

When she is about to shoot, she sees her family standing where the wall is lined up in front of the goal.

All wearing their saris, this symbolized that her tradition and culture would stop her from achieving her dream.

She manages to shake this thought away, and scores. I think this is an important scene because it is where she succeeds, despite how much her parents tried to stop her.

The strongest scene in my opinion is the last scene where she tries to convince her family of letting her go to America to fulfil her dream.

They all seem upset, but they listen to what she has to say. Eventually her dad helps her in convincing them, because he had to give up on his own dream and did not want his daughter to feel he same as he did.

He referred to their God, saying that he would not give her the gift of playing football without a purpose.