Deportation at Breakfast | Analytical essay

The text "Deportation at Breakfast" was written by the Larry Foundation in 1991. The author has published both novels and short stories, which focus on the country vulnerabilities and moral values.

"Deportation at Breakfast" is one of these short stories. Illegal workers are a major topic of discussion in some countries such as the USA.

In the story, we see the narrator who is the main character, the deported worker and other customers who are not aware of anything.

We have no information about the main character. The narrator seems to be in a good mood, content and kind.

For the narrator, cleanliness is important, and for other customers he does not sit at the empty tables: “The place looked better than most – family-run and clean”.

“The empty tables free for other customers that might come in”. Besides, the narrator is selfish because when the police come, he says nothing, and then he thinks of his egg.

“On the grill, my eggs bubbled…”. Javier is just one of millions of people in the USA, an ordinary immigrant, and no one cares about him.

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