Actors & characters
Most emotional/strongest scene
Main characters – how they change
- Billy Elliot:
- Jackie Elliot
- Tony Elliot
- Mrs. Wilkinson
- Michael
Billy Elliot – useful in studies
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Actors & characters
Jamie Bell: Billy Elliot
Jean Heywood: Billy`s grandma
Jamie Draven: Tony Elliot
Gary Lewis: Jackie Elliot
Stuart Wells: Michael
Julie Walters: Mrs. Wilkinson

The film takes place in northern England, during the mine-strikes in 1984. Billy Elliot lives with his widowed dad Jackie, his grandma, and his older brother Tony.

The miners, including Jackie and Tony are on strike, and it`s a tense time in the small town of Evrington. Billy is attending boxing lessons and is having a tough time facing the brutal opponents. It does not take long, until Billy discovers his passion for ballet.

He decides to take part in Mrs.Wilkinson`s ballet classes instead. When his dad finds out shortly after, he`s not supportive as he should be – “Ballet is only for girls and poofers” he says.

This is an important event in the film, because it is when his family actually get to know what he`s been doing in secret. His dad refuses him to continue, but Billy does not listen.

The boxing teacher spoke to Jackie about Billy`s absence. This leads to him catching Billy dancing once again. This time, Billy finds courage to dance in front of his dad.

Not long after Jackie decides to give Billy a chance. Jackie starts crossing lines to earn enough money for him to get into audition at the Royal ballet school.

After some time, they finally got enough. Jackie then brings Billy to London, for the audition. His performance went well, although he was quite nervous.

Billy then managed to hit another boy in the locker room, which obviously makes the “judges” question him as a part of their school.

One of the “judges” asked one final question, which was what it feels like when he is dancing. Billy said it feels like electricity.

A couple days after the audition, Billy finally got the letter. He made it into school, and he left his family to follow his dream in London.