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The Author:
Stephen King, the acclaimed American author, resides with his loved ones in the charming state of Maine.

His literary career began in 1974 with the publication of his first book, although it wasn't until the release of his novel "The Shining" that he became an internationally recognized figure.

Many of King's works have been adapted into successful films, a testament to the power of his storytelling.

With a prolific output, King has penned over 40 novels, cementing his place as one of the most influential writers of his generation.

The Story:
As the Creed family moves to their new home near the old Pet Sematary, they soon realize that their peaceful life is about to turn into a living nightmare.

While moving to a new place signifies a fresh start for most families, the Creeds are destined to face a horrific ending.

For ages, the local children have been burying their beloved pets in the Pet Sematary. Cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and even fish have found their resting place there.

But as you venture further into the woods, you'll stumble upon the ancient and holy burial ground of the Mic-Mac Indians.

During the day, the place appears serene and tranquil, not causing any trouble. However, when the sun sets, it's a different story.

Some claim to have seen an old tree stump morph into a grotesque figure, and others claim to hear the wind whispering in the trees.

But the locals who know better believe that it's the voices of the dead that you hear. It seems that at night, the place awakens from its slumber and unleashes an unspeakable horror upon the living.