Helen Fielding wrote the book “Bridget Jones`s diary.” She is one of the funniest writers in Britain.

The book is therefore really funny and entertaining. When you analyse a book you have to find literary terms. Literary terms are for example metaphors and comparisons.

You can also find information about the main characters, the setting, the conflict, the main topic, and the point of view. A book has therefore a lot to offer.

She is a thirty-two years old single woman who lives in London. She finds herself in hapless situations and decides to write a diary.

She for example starts in a new job, and the first thing she does is to uncover her clothes on television.

Bridget counts calories, pounds, cigarettes and alcohol consumption every day for a year.

She also is telling about her love life. To be brief, Bridget is a self-involved woman concerned with her weight, appearance and securing a boyfriend. Minor figures in the book are Mark and Daniel.

Mark is the guy Bridget's mother wants her to meet. He is a lawyer, and is not so similar to Bridget.

Bridget has a crush on her boss, Daniel. Mark is therefore not so much in her mind.

Daniel works at a book publishing company in London. He can be assumed as a womaniser.

An example that Daniel is a womaniser is because he is unfaithful to Bridget. Her mother is also a minor figure in the book.

She wants her daughter to start her future, like finding a man or having a baby.

Every year her mother invites a man to the yearly Christmas party, with the same wish every time that maybe she will fall for him.

There is conflict thru the whole book. Bridget meets Mark at the Christmas party. They get a connection, but she does not have feelings for him.

She also has feeling for her boss. At different gatherings Bridget always meet Mark. Her boss is also always there.

The conflict between Bridget and the guys makes the book more interesting, and does that you cannot stop reading.

Everyone likes drama in a book. The turning point in the book is when Bridget understands that she has feelings for both of the men. This is a hard situation for Bridget.