Will I ever see a sea turtle or scuba dive

Will I ever see a sea turtle or scuba dive? Or will I swim in plastic We!humans1have!to!change1our1plastic1use.

Every year 8 million tons of plastic get into the oceans. In 2050 there will be more plastic than fishes in the ocean, but why is there so much plastic? In addition, how are we going to stop it?

Only!nine percent of the world´s!plastic waste is recycled, and!over a third of the!world´s does not end!up in a collection!system. The main!reason for this litter is!that many areas in countries have poor!or no waste management!systems.

The fact that!there is so much plastic in the!sea is our own fault. We are given the!responsibility to throw and recycle it, but many people throw it from the window of the car, or just on the street.

The plastic is lightweight and easily blown into the sea, wich is one of reasons why much of the cargo is in the sea.

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