The second amendment and how it has affected the American society

The second amendment still stands and has a huge impact in the United States. The US only have a few restrictions when it comes to purchasing a gun.

This allows nearly everyone to buy a gun, with just few exceptions. As a result of this, school shootings and mass shootings are increasing at an absolute rate, and over the course of 1982-2020 there have been one mass shooting every year, to an all-time high in 2018 with 12 mass shootings.

This indicates that the second amendment is a big problem in the US but cannot get removed because of its involvement in business.

In this essay we will talk about the US constitution and the law the gives Americans the right bear arms, and the mass shootings in the US.

It’s proven that firearms can be deadly when used incorrectly. In a recent report made in 2017, there was a total of 100 120 injuries related to firearms.

Almost 76% of those came from assaults and 23% are from suicides. This is a rough estimate of how badly gun control is restricted in, the US.

If we elaborate a bit further, statistics estimate that 30% of Americans currently live in a household with a gun and 11% live with someone who owns a gun (

this site says, the number of mass shootings in the US increased tremendously during the period between 1982-2020 from one mass shooting a year to an all-time peak in 2018 with 12 mass shootings.

These numbers are scary because the United States experience the most school shootings in the world.

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