This is the tale of a young woman hailing from the eastern lands. Fueled by her unwavering hope for equality and human rights, she triumphed over a grim destiny to discover her one true love.

In a distant time, there lived a girl named Naila in the eastern region. Tragedy struck her life at a tender age when her parents fell victim to a bombing raid while advocating for human rights.

Consequently, Naila was raised by her caring uncle and aunt, alongside her seven cousins – three girls and four boys.

Each day, she assumed the role of caregiver for the younger children, prepared meals, and tended to the family's animals.

While she learned the art of sewing and the traditional attire of eastern girls, Naila couldn't shake the nagging feeling that something was amiss.

Why were her choices in attire restricted? Why couldn't she partake in tasks typically reserved for boys? And why were her desires to play, especially her love for sports, stifled?

During the dinner, amidst wedding planning discussions, Naila's fiancé finally expressed his satisfaction with her as a bride-to-be.

As a token of their impending union, he presented her with a ring, a symbol of their forthcoming marriage, along with an unexpected gift—a mobile phone.

Naila's family, unaccustomed to such opulence, was overcome with excitement, but the same enthusiasm was notably absent in Naila's demeanor.

As the night drew to a close and the revelry subsided, the weight of her fiancé's words, promising marriage in just one week, haunted her.

The countdown echoed relentlessly in her mind: seven days, a mere seven days until she would be forever bound to him. Her contemplations were abruptly interrupted by the notification sound from her new mobile phone.

She had previously created a Facebook profile with her fiancé's assistance, but what she discovered now was unexpected.

An old friend, Aahil, had sent her a friend request. Without hesitation, she accepted and ventured into his profile.

To her surprise, Aahil had transformed into a striking young man, causing Naila to blush as she perused his pictures.

Suddenly, another message pinged in from Aahil. Concerned for his old friend, Naila candidly shared her predicament.

Aahil expressed deep sympathy and assured her that such circumstances were unheard of in the northern region where he resided.

Throughout those seven days leading up to the wedding, Naila and Aahil engaged in daily written exchanges.