Ernest Hemingway has cemented his place as one of the most celebrated American writers of the 20th century, renowned for his poignant portrayal of courage and compassion amidst a backdrop of violence and death.

His unique blend of fiction and heroic code of behavior has left an indelible mark on the literary world, earning him the distinction of being one of the greatest writers of our time.

The story unfolds in the wintery backdrop of the 1920s, in Henry's lunchroom, located in the quaint town of Summit, Illinois, just outside of Chicago.

Here, two notorious hitmen, Al and Max, arrive early and are disappointed to learn that their request for a hearty dinner, complete with an entree, vegetable, and mashed potatoes, cannot be fulfilled.

The only options available to them are sandwiches or breakfast items, which they scoff at, belittling the establishment and remarking that the only reason to visit Summit is for the evening meal at six o'clock.