The difference between the American and the Norwegian government

An ideal country thrives to achieve a democratic country, which consists of political governance chosen by the citizens.

Both Norway and the US are democratic countries, but arguably to a different extent due to their different party systems.

What is the difference between the Norwegian multi-party system and the American two-party system and to what extent are they democratic?

The two-party system used in the US, limits its country’s democracy in several ways. In an election, a voter will most likely have to vote for a party with conflicting opinions on some topics, simply because the party portrays their beliefs the best.

Having two parties limits the number of ideas on every issue and reduces each voter´s choice. This will surely force the voter to choose a party with multiple disagreeing ideas.

As a result, the winning party represents the population beliefs and opinions poorly. The multi-party system, on the other hand, grants the voters better accessibility for different combinations of opinions and ideas.

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