In recent years, the trust in vaccines’ inhibitive abilities have been weakened, whilst the focus on their supposed side effects have never been greater.

As a result, many uncertain parents choose to not vaccinate their children, this has had an impact on the measles statistics.

According to WHO, there were according to WHO, there were about 5 000 cases of measles in Europe in 2016, in 2017 that number had risen to 24 000, one year later there were 84 000 cases of measles.

Most of the patients were children. ( As for the US, it too is experiencing its greatest measles outbreak for 27 years (

The year 2018 was also noticeable for one of the worst US flu seasons, where 80 000 people died from the common flu, again mostly children, but also adults who thought they were healthy and didn’t need an injection (

It is entirely true that large doses of aluminum or formaldehyde can be dangerous, however as vaccine expert Paul Offit (MD) said «parents can be reassured that the trace quantities of aluminum in vaccines can’t possibly do harm» (

In short, the quantities of harmful substances used in vaccines are not even remotely close to dangerous.

Too much of anything is bad. As for the link between MMR and autism, scientists have not been able to find it.

Andrew Wakefield’s study has been repeatedly disproven, most recently last year in a Danish study with over 650 000 participants (

In fact, investigations into Wakefield’s study concluded he has distorted its data, therefore it has been retracted, along with his Doctorate title.

Another good question the vaccine-opposers propose is: I have never been vaccinated, and yet I have never been ill?

The diseases are practically eradicated, there is no need for vaccines. Also, if vaccines are so important why are they not mandatory? There is in fact no state in the U.S where the citizens are required to be vaccinated.

If you decide not to vaccinate yourself in a developed nation, you probably will not get sick. This is because of a phenomenon called herd immunity.

Herd immunity occurs when a significant portion of society is vaccinated (95%) against some contagious disease, the herd protects those who cannot be vaccinated (