Seven cars damaged on the M1 outside Nottingham

Task 1, Short answer
- Seven cars damaged on the M1 outside Nottingham
- The owner started by saying:
- The journalist then asks the owner what will happen to the mechanic who did the mistake.

Task 2, Long answer
- Forgiveness and apology are two strong words

A truck had lost its wheel when driving on the M1 outside Nottingham. The incident led to a pile-up in which seven cars were damaged, but without any casualties. Apparently, the truck had been visiting a local garage to change the tires.

The mechanic had forgotten to tighten the bolts after changing the tires which later gave consequences.

The victims of the damage are furious after knowing why the truck had lost its wheel in the middle of the road. We sent a journalist to interview the owner of the local garage about the incident.


In this text, I will reflect upon on Robert Brault´s statement in Text 1 in the preparation material.

The statement sounds: «Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got»

Looking at the comment; it seems like forgiving is the central theme, but what exactly does to forgive mean? What are the challenges of making an apology and what does it say to move on? Can the statement link to earlier historical incidents?

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