Task 1A:
Mobile Lovers; The harsh truth about delusional and virtual relations.

Task 2D:
The power of youth

Banksy’s artwork Mobile Lovers represents the modern societies hunger for validation, omnipresence, and accessibility. As well, as the separation between virtual, real emotions and relations.

The picture shows us two individuals who are holding around each other, looking like they are about to kiss.

However, instead of looking at each other, they are looking at their phones.

Banksy demonstrates how social media and technology has replaced real relations.

We are always on our phones, caught up with what other people are saying, doing and feeling the need to be a part of everything that is going on, to make sure we are not left out.


Throughout our whole history, people around the world have experienced injustice and discrimination.

Leaders tend to not understand or listen to their people before they in one way or another are being forced to make changes.

Luckily the world has gradually developed and adapted in a hard-earned way to create more equality, safety and justice for the following generations.

Too often than not, leaders do not think long-term benefits, they focus inward, driven by personal objectives and gain instead of what is best for their people right there and then.

Younger generations react by taking their future in their own hands, when it is obvious that no one else will not.

Young people represent the future and it is therefore crucial to realize what impact young people can have in politics. It is important to use this power.

Furthermore, this essay it will attempt to discuss the huge significance young people have, why more young people need to be engaged in local and national political decisions and the consequences of indifference among young people, which is not only negative for themselves, but also for the society as a whole.

Young people of the world can make a huge impact. It has been demonstrated through history that they can really change things.

One example is Greta Thunberg from Sweden. How is it possible that a 16-year old girl manage to start a global movement among young people, fighting for the same cause?

To understand, we have to put this in the context of an underlying global environmental concern affecting all nations at all ages.