I am sitting in a new, glamorous car driving in to London city. The road is big and bendy. The lake lights magical up at my left side, like a sunset.

The sun shines right in to my brown sunglasses. My cocktail dress is black and is a big contrast to my white skin.

I am going out of the fabulous car. There is a big “castle” right in front of me. The “castle” has a lot of shining windows, a big entrance and a long red caper. It look like the caper at the luxury London Hotel.

The birds sing in all the trees where the pink balloons is hanging. There is beautiful. I am totally at a birthday party!

I stand in front of the big black door. My finger is slowly touching the doorbell. The sound make me nervous. After a moment, the door opens.

The girl who opens have brown, curly hair. She invites me in, so I can start to interview to the British version of “My super sweet 16.”

“What do your parents think when you use so much money?”
“My dad left my mum for one year ago since I used so much money.

I took the event inn to me and cut down the use of money. So now I only get £20.000 in a month.

I am not sure about what my mum thinks, but I have an idea that she likes when I am happy.

I know that my mum’s childhood wasn’t so perfect. She was a victim of bullying. There is important to her that I am popular.”

I write down the answers. Why do a girl need £20.000 in a month to be happy?

“Who is your role model?”
“I will say my role model is “Snow white.” Snow white has a beautiful personality.

She is the fairest person in the world. I can’t believe that she look like that without makeup. I envy her.”

I smile. We take a little brake from the asking. Lauren stands up. She goes to the kitchen and find to slice of cake. I start asking the rest of the questions when she come back.

“Why is so important to have a big 16 birthday?”
“I think it is fun to have a big birthday. I like big parties.