Kingsman the secret service is a action, spy and comedian film, which was published in 13. December 2014 in London.

The movie is taken form on a cartoon The secret service of Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons, but almost everything in the movie has changed.

The film is directed and produced by Matthew Vaughn and the screenplay is written by Vaughn and Jane Goldman.

The main characters of the movie are:
- Eggsy (Taron David Egerton)
- Harry (Colin Firth)
- Valentean (Samuel L. Jackson)
- Merlin (Mark Strong)
- Gazelle (Sofia Potla)
- Arthur (Michael Cain)

In my opinion, the movie is very beautiful. I loved the movie a lot because it is a spy comedy. And I love this type of movie so much.

Another reason why I love the movie is the actors and the beautiful bond between them. And places photography, lighting, accuracy and the imagination that is in a movie.

The most loved character is (Valentine). I loved it for several reasons and one of the curses is that made me laugh a lot during the movie.

Valentine character surprised me because he is evil but does not tolerate blood. This is strange but funny at the same time. In my view, this movie is worth cube.