Task 1

The text in Task 1 is from a speech given by Kamala Harris at the Chase Center on the Riverfront in Wilmington on Saturday (7.11.2020).

Task 1 asks you to comment on the effect of some of the language features and/or literary devices Mrs. Harris uses to enhance her message.

Harris addresses the “civil right leader John Lewis”, 116th congress, 2nd session formerly the office of representative. She mentions the “democracy is not a state. it is an act.” That is an anaphora that refers back to a word.

That John Lewis wrote before passing. And explaining what he meant by the act. She wanted to refer that America´s democracy is not guaranteed.

It is only as strong as our willingness to fight for it, to guard it and never take it for granted. Which is why the United Nations has given a seat to the people at large, so that their opinions can be heard. (Deleware online , 2020)

Task 2c

Having diversity in a society is good to understand and respect the diversity in different cultures. Although this can cause a culture crash, comparable people not understanding each other, for instance to men kissing.

Some people understand why the same sex can kiss, but others that come from different cultures and been learned/raised that kissing someone of the same sex is wrong.

In this text there will be discussion of risks and benefits of multiculturalism. Using relevant examples from English-speaking countries.

More multiculturalism in a society is a big advantage. Having different ethnicities in a society that we work, study, see down the streets every single day learning their cultures is important and we as humans grow our strength and get better.

Because when we surround our self with diversity people, we learn their cultures and how some people contrast with other thoughts then others, and why other people do things that some assume is “weird” but there is a perfect explanation for it.

We get more open minded and learn to think more outside the box.

“Understanding other people’s values and accepting them as your own”- (Patrizi, 2018) quote from Leonardo Patrizi what he refers to is that more people should be like this.

Nevertheless, this could be challenging for some people. For some culture groups can be tough to understand why people think how they think or why they do the things they do.

This is because they are raised and educated differently. For instance, “About four-in-ten whites who have heard of Black Lives Matter (38%) say they don’t understand the movement’s goals particularly well.”

(Horowitz & Livingston, 2018) the research is relevant because this shows the diversity in cultures.

Most of the 38% are probably Baby boomers. Baby boomers were raised differently in their time.

More racism and discrimination were more at the time, then 2020 today. Allot of the baby boomers have developed and really have understood and accepted multiculturism.