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The environment has gotten poorer than ever. Therefore, it is extremely important to take care of the earth.

If we want to reach the UN sustainable development goals by the year 2030, we must make some changes in ours daily life. Here are some tricks you can do to protect the earth.

Firstly, you can change your transportation to work or school. You can start with walking instead of driving the car.

The popular poem “I chose to look the other way” by Don Merrell shows us how powerful it is speaking up about risky acts that can save lives and help to build a wellbeing society.

In this poem Don illustrates an event where a worker failed to speak up when he saw a dangerous act. When the employer chose to look the other way, he allowed one of his people to die.

This is a strong admonition of bad fortune that can appear when employees don’t actively advertise safety in the workplace.

The amazing Netflix movie “Tall girl” is about an American girl who gets bullied for being the tallest girl in school.

On the other hand, Jodi gets a lot of support from her best friend Sebrina and her dad. Almost everyone in her school bullied her

but when a long Swedish boy stared at her school he chose to not look away. Since then her life was never as before.

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